I-O Data has launched a new portable Blu-ray burner that supports BDXL and can burn optic BD media up to 128GB. I-O Data BRP-U6X comes in a convenient format with only 20mm in height and a single connection to your computer through USB 2.0. The write speed at 4X will take some time though.

I-O Data BRP-U6X measures 137(B)x 154(D)x 20(H) mm and weighs 620 gram. The external Blu-ray burner also requires an external AC adapter for its power that in turn weighs 320 gram. The player burner supports playing and burning of regular BD media but also the new BDXL standard that makes it possible to burn BD media with 100GB or 128GB capacity.

While the burner write regular BD media with 6X speed it drops with the BDXL to 4X. This means it takes at least 2 hours to burn a full 128GB Blu-ray disc (1X Blu-ray = 36 Mbps).

With its convenient format and USB 2.0 connection the burner is compatible with most PCs and the price is just like the BDXL capacity, higher. I-O Data starts selling BRP-U6X in Japan for aorund 280€.


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