The new title Rage suffers from a lot of problems, including jumping textures, and is completely void of advanced graphics settings. id Software is now working with AMD and NVIDIA to solve the problems with jumping textures and tearing, and an update that will open up for advanced graphics setting.

Rage have been a title worth following from start to end, largely for the new engine id Tech 5. Not all have been perfect though since users have been reporting jumping textures, and for some it makes the game unplayable. The problem is partly related to the engine and how it automatically scales the settings to keep the frames at 60 fps constantly.

id Software is working with both AMD and NVIDIA to try and isolate the problem with jumping textures. Both AMD and NVIDIA have drivers tailored for Rage, which will solve many of the performance problems users are experiencing and at least remedy the jumping textures to some degree. id Software is working with both parties to fix the problems, but the problem is not just the drivers, since many console users are also reporting similar issues to the PC users.

Det här klippet är ett exempel på vad vissa användare upplever idag.

id Software is also planning an update for Rage that will give users access to advanced graphics settings. Today you can only set the resolution, brightness, anti-aliasing (AA) and GPU recoding. We hope we will also be able to turn off the automatic scaling. There is no information on when the update will become available.

  • The latest AMD drivers for Rage are found HERE.
  • The latest NVIDIA drivers for Rage are found HERE.

Source: Fudzilla

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