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LG Flatron L1982U has been launched and LG has been certain to make a lot of fuss about the new monitor, simply because it claims that it offers the highest contrast ratio on the market. LG Flatron L1982U has been specified at 3000:1, which is a truly impressive figure, but we’ve already seen other monitors with the same specifications. The thing that makes the high contrast ratio possible is LG’s f-ENGINE, which is a technology for improving contrast ratio and the overall image quality. Most likely, this is just like all the other 3000:1 monitors; a panel with a 1000:1 base contrast ratio which is then optimized with the help of an integrated chip and software.

LG Flatron L1982U completes it nice contrast ratio with a response time at 2ms which should be enough to rid of any ghosting and shadow effects. LG has chosen to against the flow though, L1982U is namely a regular 4:3 19″ display. The monitor can be found today at about €360 and we’re certainly looking forward to more monitors with higher contrast ratio, which could certainly need some improving with today’s monitors.

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