Even giants like Intel have lost momentum on a market that is moving from traditional computing and more toward mobile computing like tablets and smartphones, but Nvidia continues to keep up the pace and even outperform previous reports, with 30% increase in profit and record margins.

Nvidia has shared the numbers for the first quarter of fiscal 2014, and they are more positive than many competitors have shared lately. While both revenue and net income have dropped from last quarter the growth year-to-year is impressive.

Revenue landed at 954.7 Million dollar, an increase of 3.2% from last year. For the same period the profit increased by 29% to 77.9 Million dollar. Even though outgoings increased by 11.6% Nvidia can show a margin of profit increase by 4.2 percentages, up to 54.3% – the highest in company history.

The graphics circuits have delivered the most profit, and mainly it is the cards based on the Kepler architecture that has made money for the company. Partly because of impressive sales on an otherwise shrinking market, but also servers, supercomputers and cloud platform GRID has contributed to sizeable shares of the cash flow.

”Kepler is capturing share among gamers, strengthening our workstation and supercomputing segments, and will fuel new growth opportunities for our GRID server graphics solutions. With Tegra 4 devices and Tegra 4i certification on the way, we’re gearing up to return to growth in the second half.”

Sales of the ARM-based Tegra 3 system processors have dwindled somewhat, which the company hopes to turn with the successor Tegra 4. Nvidia is aiming for an even brighter quarter-to-quarter increase with next report, and estimates that revenue should increase to 975 Million dollar, with the same profit margin.

The detailed report can be found at Nvidia’s website, here.

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