FreeAgent GoFlex is the name of Seagate’s latest external harddrive series that, according to the company, will be perfect for those using both PCs and Macs or want to be able to update the connective interface. GoFlex Ultra is the flagship that through different docking accessories can be upgraded to support a variety of interfaces; USB 2.0, USB 3.0, powered eSATA and FireWire 800. Through a new drivers it has also solved NTFS on Mac.

Seagate GoFlex is also available for desktops and external stationary storage solutions. With both PC and Mac support and broad connectivity it will offer platform wide compatibility.

”The GoFlex ultra-portable drive can also connect to other GoFlex Storage System products, enabling you to access the contents of your drive on your TV, from any networked PC or Mac in the home and mobile devices while on-the-go via the Internet. More to come, stay tuned…”

The docking stations or cable adapters that are available for the stationary GoFlex Desk units also sport integrated storage meters that tracks the use of space. An option for the smaller portable drives.


The drawback is that the cable adapters cost from $20 and up to $90, but the top models also sport, but the top models have Internet access and multiple drives.

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