Memory maker A-DATA has broadened its assortment with power supplies and presented the Horus series, containing five different power supplies. The output ranges from 550 watt up to 1 200 watt with efficiencies over 82% and temperature controlled LED fan.

The A-DATA Horus series is divided into two segments where the 550W/650W/750W and 850W models use a single 12V rail. The Horus 1 200 watt top model uses two 12V rails. Specifications are otherwise equal to a 80 Plus Bronze specification, Japanese capacitors, three years warranty and modular cables.

Eye of Horus is the fan that not only controls the RPM depending on temperature but also glows in different colors depending on load (0%~50% green,50%~100% blue, over 100% red).

A-DATA Horus is NVIDIA SLI certified and is expected to be available shortly, targeting gamers and enthusiasts.

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