MeeGo is an operating system that many times have shown great potential in both smartphones and PCs, but it is yet to break through. A computer from Acer with Intel Core i3-2310M at 15.6″ has been sighted at German Amazon, and it sports MeeGo as the operating system.

The new computer was listed early at and has a really low price, that will probably drop with time too. Acer Aspire 5749 is a 15.6″ notebook with 1366 x 768 display, Intel Core i3-2310M dual-core CPU at 2.1 GHz and Hyper-Threading. We also see 4 GB RAM, 500 GB harddrive and graphics from Intel in the integrated HD 3000 GPU.


The computer ships with a 6-cell battery that will offer up to five hours of battery time. Aspire 5749 was priced at €399. One reason it comes with MeeGo might be because the license fees of Windows is still a considerable part of of the computers you buy today.


We earlier reported on ASUS’ minor netbook X101 will ship with MeeGo, and we hope this is a trend, that not all computer will ship with the de facto standard Windows.

Source: Notebookcheck

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