Ultrabooks will be the next big thing in notebooks according to Intel, which may very well be with Apple MacBook Air being so popular. The major PC makers all have at least one Ultrabook prepared and ASUS is expected to be first to market, but competition may come sooner than expected, since Acer is speeding up the launch of its Ultrabook, Aspire 3951.

ASUS intends to launch its first Ultrabook UX21 at 11.6″ in September. It has another Ultrabook coming, called UX31 with 13.3″ screen. ASUS was the first first to show an Ultrabook design with UX21 back in May, which also became the example Intel had as the reference in early presentations of its Ultrabook concept.

ASUS UX21 measures 17 mm in profile and is expected to be the first Ultrabook

Earlier this month we got the first view of Acer’s Ultrabook – Aspire 3951 with 13.3″ screen and also has price tag between 750-950€ depending on configuration. An Acer executive has said that it has revised the interior of Aspire 3951 twice, and that it only has this 13.3″ model coming.

Acer Aspire 3951 measures 13 mm in profile with aluminum casing

Acer has also revised the launch date of its Ultrabook to September to compete with ASUS and grab a share of the first launch wave. The exact prices of the first Ultrabooks are still veiled, and the price span mentioned for Acer Aspire 3951 does not provice an actual price. We know that all partners are having problem sticking inside the price frames of the Ultrabook concept, sub-$999 and a qualified guess is that the first models will not be that much cheaper than Macbook Air.

Source: Digitimes

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