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Dell continues to leak information on the superduperthin Adamo XPS. It has shown the computer in the open and this time revealed how the screen really unfolds. Through a heat sensitive stretch on the top you unveil the keyboard that more or less unfolds from the computer. It was a design that could be guessed from the previous pictures in profile, but still feels a bit odd.

It has now confirmed that the computer, when unfolded, rests on the back of the screen and the lower portion of the keyboard. The picture below explains it.

The design is the least to say odd and most likely forced to save millimeters from the profile. The computer will feel stable, according to those who have tested it, but we’re still not convinced this an optimal design for a “lap-top”. The final judgment will have to wait though.

Dell has installed an Energy Efficient CULV processor from Intel, but that’s all it was willing to reveal. We were worried about the choice of processor at first since Dell were a bit too quiet on the specifications of XPS. An Atom processor in a computer for $2,000 would be nothing but a parody. Good news is that the battery is replaceable.

A folder or a PC?

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