March 1st AMD is expected to release the first chipsets of the 8 series. It will start with AMD 890GX that will be ready in time for CeBIT next week and the specifications reveal Socket AM3 CPU support, DDR3 and integrated DirectX 10.1 graphics circuit. Several partners are ready to launch motherboards with related chipsets on April 26th.

Foremost we have the 890FX chipset that ships with out the integrated graphics circuit, but with overclocking potential to spare. We also have little brother AMD 880G sporting a slightly less capable graphics circuit, Radeon HD 4250, for a more attractive price tag. Last but not least we have AMD 870 that, just like 890FX, lacks an integrated graphics circuit and most likely will become the cheapest of the 8 series.


All motherboards with the 8 series chipsets will support SATA 6Gbps, since the SB850 southbridge that handles the data trafficking will be paired with all chipsets and supports these natively.

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