AMD FX series will be the first launch for retail built on the new Bulldozer architecture. The new series target enthusiasts and performance users and is almost here now. Rumors of lacking performance have been refueled by the first pre-orders showing up with very low prices.

AMD has had the sight set for Intel’s Sandy Bridge lineup with the Bulldozer structure, but now that the processors are available for pre-order it is with price tags that makes us wonder if AMD can really threaten Intel.

We have run into several leaks regarding the performance on AMD’s new Zambezi processors and AMD FX series, but has held off publishing to investigate further. When the first prices appear they seem to strengthen the fact that AMD is forced to position itself below Intel’s most powerful Sandy Bridge models.

At they have published pre-orders for three different models of the FX series including the top model AMD FX-8150 with 8 cores and 3.6 GHz clock frequency priced at 266.28 USD. Compared to Intel Core i7-2600K in boxed version it costs 346.35 USD or for that matter AMD Phenom II X6 1100T for 225.68 USD. Pre-orders often have higher prices than the final store prices, which doesn’t really paint a good picture for AMD.


AMD FX-8120 is said to score 16 743 CPU points in 3DMark Vantage, which can be compared to ~17 000 compared to Phenom II X6 1100T, 17,300 points for Intel Core i5-2500K or 24,000 points for Intel Core i7-2600K. Performance estimates are often good matches for the prices AMD seems to be aiming for where FX-8120 looks to land in the same region as Phenom II X6 1100T and Intel Core i5-2500K.

If we are to judge from the price and early performance statements it looks like the AMD FX series will barely beat the flagships of the current – and very old – Phenom II family. This is in no way official and should not be taking as absolute truth. The expectations for Bulldozer and the new Zambezi processors should be considered conservatively. Most likely AMD will be competing through prices, but hopefully they will be faster at launch next month.

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