AMD continues to steamroll the mobile segment with its new Radeon HD 6000 series. On the side of the new Fusion APUs AMD has presented a number of new mobile graphics circuits that in the Radeon HD 6000M family targets users looking for performance and HD3D.

The Radeon HD 6000M family was developed under the code name Blackcomb (HD 6900M), Whistler (HD 6700M) and Seymour (HD 6400M). As expected the new mobile circuits are made with 40nm technology and like the larger siblings on the desktop market they support the new media processor UVD3 and HD3D, and overall optimized architecture.

“With the introduction of the AMD Radeon HD 6000M series, AMD’s best just got better by cementing its leadership in notebook graphics. Through our feature-rich line of top-to-bottom next-generation notebook graphics, including AMD’s fastest performing notebook graphics processor, we’re enabling a superior visual computing experience in virtually every segment.”

The three new graphics card series get company from some rebranded Radeon HD 5000M cards based on the Manhattan architecture (Radeon HD 6800M, 6500M, and 6300M), which means they lack some of the features that are supposed to be new to the Radeon HD 6000M family.

Product Performance SPs Memory bus Memory Transistors UVD3
Radeon HD 6900M 1.31 TFLOPs 960 256-bit DDR3/GDDR5 1 700 M
Radeon HD 6800M 1.12 TFLOPs 800 128-bit DDR3/GDDR5 1 040 M No
Radeon HD 6700M 696 GFLOPs 480 128-bit DDR3/GDDR5 715 M Yes
Radeon HD 6500M 520 GFLOPs 400 128-bit DDR3/GDDR5 626 M No
Radeon HD 6400M 256 GFLOPs 160 64-bit DDR3/GDDR5 370 M Yes
Radeon HD 6300M 120 GFLOPs 80 64-bit DDR3/GDDR5 242 M No

Luckily AMD has updated the old “new” circuits with support for GDDR5, HDMI 1.4 and better energy saving functions. The support for HD3D and AMD Eyespeed is only in the Manhattan based circuits, but without a doubt these are the three worth looking for.

Several companies are expected to show notebooks sporting AMD’s new GPUs at CES.

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