Llano is coming, and on Just 1st we will get more details from AMD, officially, and hopefully it will launch shortly afterwards. Donanimhaber has once again acquired press material with Llano headlining. AMD has benchmarked Llano in 5 games using the integrated GPU, and compared it Intel Sandy Bridge.

AMD Llano will be the second architecture to combine processor, graphics circuit and northbridge into one. The first was Zacate and has been a big success with more than 3 million units shipped in Q1. Zacate sports two energy efficient Bobcat cores, together with 80 stream processors and geared toward netbooks in the 10-11.6″ segment.


AMD Llano is coming and it brings a lot more power. We get four Husky cores based on Phenom II technology, 400 stream processors like Radeon HD 5670 and the entire northbridge merged together. All of this fits on 226mm2. It also has a design that will be released simultanously sporting two Husky cores and 160 stream processors.

Llano is not expected to break any CPU records, but is more of an energy efficient design with a big focus on the graphics, which will also apply to future Fusion APUs where it hopes OpenCL and a larger focus on heterogenous programming will move work from the CPU to the GPU.


Today games are tightly bound to graphics cards and the first numbers offer hints of what Llano will bring to the market for games. In Borderlands, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2 and Left4Dead2 Llano looks to deliver playable frame rates, while Crysis Warhead looks too tough for both Llano and Sandy Bridge. We dont know the specifics of the test systems, but most likely it is playing at 1366×768 px resolution or higher.

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