ASUS ARES may be the fastest graphics card available today, with its two Cypress GPU circuits, but the limited edition of ASUS’ monster graphics card is anything but affordable; it will run you $1200.

ASUS ships ARES in an exclusive aluminum attache case and beside the exclusive graphics card you get an ASUS ROG gaming mouse together with some adapters and cables.

The card is both long and high, 290 x 126 mm, and has a custom cooling solution with dual copper blocks and a large 100mm fan for keeping the GPUs cool. The two GPU circuit are clocked at 850 MHz and are accompanied by 4GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 4800 MHz. To keep the card well fed there are two 8-pin power connectors and one 6-pin power connector.


Exactly how many samples that will be made is uncertain, but with MSRP at $1200 they won’t be shipping in any larger quantities.

The first reviews shows that the card is faster than anything else available today.

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