Asus Ares will most likely be one of the most expensive graphics card this year, but that gets you the fastest graphics card in the world, if we are to believe Asus. Ares was one of the highlights at Asus’ booth and we now got to see the product packaging, an attaché case.

Asus Ares will cost four figures and more, and if you decide to buy it you want it to travel safely. Competitor XFX went for a more brutal box design, machine gun, while Asus went for a more James Bond inspired look.

At Computex it showed not just the card, with working test systems with CrossFireX, but also what we suspect is the retail packaging of the card. A pretty sturdy attaché case with rigorous support should maintain the exclusive feel Asus wants to uphold.

Asus Ares is a graphics card with dual Cypress graphics circuits clocked at 850 MHz, 4GB GDDR5 memory operating at 4800 MHz and a handmade cooler weighing 3,5 kilo. Price and availability is still not confirmed, but the card will not be cheap and some handcuffs for the case may not be such a bad idea.

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