Component giant ASUS has a foot in on most markets by now and the latest product to hit the streets is a network storage solution. ASUS Home Server TS Mini is a Windows Home Server, which is pretty much storage on the network and some additional features. The storage unit can stream media and handle daily backups of your files, and you can even access your files via the Internet, like any other run of the mill NAS.

Most NAS sport a cube-like design with room for four 3.5″ harddrives. ASUS has only two 3.5″ slots, but instead a slimmer and stylish design.

ASUS Home Server TS Mini measures 245 mm (H) x 96 mm (B) x 204 mm (D) and weights 2.7kg. With an Atom N280 processor at 1.66GHz and up to 2GB DDR2-RAM the bundled 90W power adaptor is more than enough to power the device.

ASUS Home Server TS Mini

More information about ASUS Home Server TS Mini can be found at the official website.

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