ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors is the latest invention from the worlds largest motherboard producer. The technology that called DIP is a development of ASUS’ TPU and EPU, two support processors that are supposed to work together on the company motherboards.

ASUS TurboV Processing Unit have as it’s mission that in realtime overclock the processor in the system when extra power is needed, a technology that according to ASUS can give 37% higher performance in 3DMark Vantage.

ASUS Energy Processing Unit takes over when the load is low or almost doesn’t exist. That’s when the EPU circuit simply just watches over and optimizes the systems power consumption in real time, which according to the producer will give up to 80% lower power consumption.

ASUS DIP already exists today on several of the producers motherboards and even if the technology and the circuits function aren’t really a new thing we’re always positive to technologies that increases the performance and lowers the power consumption. Intelligent computers is something we just want to see more of.

More information about ASUS DIP and a complete list of the about thirty motherboards that supports the technology can be found here.


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