The Corsair H series, a family of closed-loop water coolers have become very popular among home builders and enthusiasts. Corsair now wants that a party of its H100 coolers has run into a problem with the fan controller that locks the fans at one speed. Corsair tries to guide its customers to an answer, alternatively supply a replacement unit.

Corsair H100 is its latest water cooling unit, that sports 240 mm radiator, water block and integrated pump and fan controller. It has found a problem with a party of coolers, where the settings can’t be changed through the fan controller. The fans still work, but can’t change speed.

We have identified an issue with some of the components included in a small number of H100 units with lot code 11359403 only. You can find your lot code on the printed label on your H100 box. If you have this lot code, test your installed unit while the system is running by pressing the profile change button. If you push the profile button on the top of the cooling unit and the indicator lights change, but the fan noise remains the same, we recommend contacting Corsair technical support at to arrange for some replacement parts that will correct this problem.

The problem is only with the coolers from lot 11359403, which can be found under the bar code on the box for the cooler. Corsair recommends that you do either a restore of the firmware, which it has detailed in the official forum. You can also contact Corsair for a replacement unit. If you want a new H100 (and is among the unlucky few) before sending in the old one, you can do so if you are willing to give up your VISA or MasterCard number.

While it is sad that problem has risen, it looks like Corsair is handling it in a nice way. Considering the nature of the problem this is nothing that should hurt your computer since the fans are still working, you just can’t change the speed of them.

Source: Corsair

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