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Dell has finally officially launched the superslim notebook Adamo XPS. It’s the first computer with a profile less than 1cm and with just one hundredth of a millimeter to spare it is truly an engineering masterpiece. Despite the thinness, Adamo XPS sport some decent hardware inside the aluminum shell; Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz CPU is paired with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. The 13.4″ display sports 1266×768 pixel resolution but it’s the design solution that impress the most.

Only 9.99mm thin Dell has a unique folding system for providing the profile of the computer but also improving cooling. An exciting design that you open with your finger moving across the heat sensitive strip integrated into the casing by Dell. 

Not the best solution for working with the computer on your lap, which we suspected rather early. But with a battery that will only power the computer for 2.5h usability was the first thing on Dell’s mind with Adamo XPS.

Costing around $1,800 it looks to be just as much of a status symbol as it is a computer. It’s hard not to love innovative design though.

(Video courtesy of Gizmodo)

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