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Dell XPS 700 is the flagship of Dell’s high performance series XPS and now that Intel has launched its new Conroe platform it is time for the flagship to be updated with some new specifications. Dell’s VP Michael Dell has announced ithey will equip its XPS 700 systems with not just a Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor, but an overclocked such. To pair this with enough graphical power you will be able to choose two GeForce 7900 GTX graphcis cards in a SLI configuration, which can be compared to the two GeForce 7900GS as the default cards. The Core 2 Extreme processor will in turn replace the Pentium Extreme models used up to date, something that has to be considered a much better alternative.

There is no information about when the new model of XPS 700 will appear, but it’s quite obvous Dell will not stop developing extreme gaming systems despite the purchase of system builder Alienware. Whether Dell’s XPS series has what it takes to attract rich enthusiasts and gamers remains to be seen, but the incredibly expensive Dell Renegade XPS 600 at least sold well.

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