EVGA promised it would launch a specially designed power supply for the extreme dual-CPU motherboard Classified SR-2, and so it has. The new 1,200 watts power supply shares the name with the sibling motherboard, Classified SR-2.

EVGA hasn’t developed or manufactured the power supply by itself but taken assistance from renowned PSU maker Antec. Classified SR-2 is in fact Antec TruPower Quattro with some fancy stickers, but also two new knobs. EVGA lets the user adjust the fan speed and tune the 12V voltage through two adjustable resistors and this of course adds value compared to the Antec model.


EVA Classified SR-2 is 80Plus Silver certified and sports six 12V rails at 38A each. The power supply has a PWM-controlled 80mm fans and modular cables with gold-plated connectors. The unit is covered by 5 year warranty and costs $359.



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