NVIDIA’s close partner EVGA has presented a rather extraordinary card during CES 2011. Without name or detailed specifications it is most likely two graphics circuits of the GeForce GTX 500 series, as the mere size of the card is pretty overwhelming.

The card looks to be a couple of centimeters longer than the largest card of the NVIDIA’s GTX 500 series and has a full-cover cooler with a large aluminum heatsink and three fans for keeping the two GPUs cool, or less hot if you want to play it that way.

If we’re dealing with two GF110 GPUs – which seems likely – it is still uncertain what specifications we’re dealing with. It’s obvious though the card requires a lot of power for the GPUs, logics and power supply. Two8-pin PCIe power connectors should do the job. The card has only 8 visible GDDR5 memory chips, but we’re guessing there are more on the face side of the card. This means 2GB GDDR5 RAM and most likely 256-bit memory bus. In theory this means we’re dealding with two GTX 560 GPUs that are rumored to use a 256-bit memory bus.


This is is just speculation though and we don’t know if this is a unique setup for EVGA or a design that more companies will use. The card has three DVI outputs that supports Vision Surround with three monitors from a single card. An SLI connector hints that the card will be capable of Quad-SLI with a total of four GPUs.

AMD has the dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 “Antilles” on the way and even if the launch date is probably after Chinese New Year in late February, NVIDIA will most likely look at any chance of countering AMD’s dual-GPU solution. Possibly this is the first example of what may come. Now we just wait for the detailed specifications and launch date.



Source: TechReport

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