During Computex OCZ Technology showed some of its new products and the PCI-Express venture is looking serious. Earlier we told you about the RevoDrive PCIe SSD and now we have some information on the new HSDL interface.

High Speed Data Link is developed by OCZ and is a result of the rapid development of Solid State technology, so rapid that even the SATA 6.0 Gbps interface and equivalent SAS model could soon become a bottleneck. 

HSDL builds upon the wide bandwidth available via PCI Express and to make the use of the PCIe bus as efficient as possible it has developed a technology that can power four separate solid state drives through a single PCI Express card, with 20Gbps bandwidth, or 2,5 Gigabyte per second. 

Picture courtesy of Engadget

A special HSDL controller is connected to the PCIe interface and connects to SSDs through a SAS connector enables you to fill even crowded servers with more powerful SSDs, which is tough today when you need one PCI-Express port for each drive. You need a PCI-Express card to make it work today, but in the feature motherboard makers can integrate the technology to make the use of space even more efficient.

Internal SATA/SAS bus are fine for hard drives but are not keeping up with SSD potential. ONFI/Toggle Flash parts will accelerate this bottleneck. System builders and enterprise clients can get very creative with their builds as they are not limited to slots and when it comes to applications everything from gaming to productivity applications and especially multimedia (audio/video editing) with large files will enable users to see, and feel, the difference offered by the HSDL interface and accompanying drives, kommenterade Alex Mei, marknadschef på OCZ Technology

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