Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture will be the fastest CPU architecture for the mid-range and performance segment over the coming year, bot now that Intel’s top model Core i7 3770K has been benchmarked we see that AMD has a lifeline to hold on to.

Intel will launch the Ivy Bridge architecture by the end of April and the architecture is a tweak of Sandy Bridge with 22nm 3D transistors that perform on average 5-15% better in CPU-intense applications. That Intel has managed to raise its own already high bar for CPU performance is impressive. At the same time another part of the new processors is the most interesting, the new DirectX 11 capable GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000.


Anandtech has published an early preview of the Ivy Bridge flagship Intel Core i7 3770K and dedicated a couple of pages to the graphics performance. Although with early drivers and on a not yet launched platform, Intel has made significant progress with its GPU performance. Everything from 20-55% in the test games. Even if this more or less kills the budget market for discrete graphics cards (up to ~50 Euro), it is not enough to beat AMD and the Llano APU family.


AMD A8-3870K with its Radeon HD 6550D GPU is the more powerful solution all the way through and with the updated APU family Trinity planed for launch later this year AMD will remain competitive in integrated GPU performance for at least another year. This is good for both AMd and consumers that needs healthy competition in the CPU/APU market. Intel HD Graphics 4000 is still more powerful at GPGPU and Compute applications, while the next generation QuickSync leaves AMD far, far behind.

Intel Ivy Bridge is a more complete platform with a big boost in CPU and GPU performance from the Sandy Bridge platform, while the energy consumption is lower – not the least during heavy load. According to Anandtech’s preliminary tests it recorded 30% lower energy cosnumption for the entire system compared to an equivalent Sandy Bridge CPU under load.


Intel will start the launch of the Ivy Bridge platform with the introduction of the chipsets in the 7 series. This launch is slated for early April and will be followed with the processor launch with Core i7 3770K leading them. We will of course return with more reports on these products when permitted.

Source: Anandtech

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