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Apple as updated iTunes to allow users to remove the DRM protection from music purchased through the iTunes Music Store. The problem was that people were forced to clean the entire collection at once. This may sound pretty logical, but there was a small problem. Apple charges 30 cent per song for removing the copy protection, but also improves quality from 128Kbps to 256Kbps. Those who have already purchased quite a lot of music at iTMS would have to pay a hefty fee for getting rid of the DRM.

Apple has now updated the system to allow iTMS customers to remove the DRM infection on a song-by-song basis, which makes it easier to move around the one big cost, or simply prioritize music you want full access to. The fact that this update was sneaked out feels a bit tricky by Apple, but at the same time there are most likely many that are happy to see this update, although some bitter ones as well that have already converted.

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