Early slides from Intel showed Ivy Bridge bringing better performance per cycle than Sandy Bridge. Intel Core i7-3770K has now been tested and quite right we see that Ivy Bridge will bring a noticeable boost.

Ivy Bridge is Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture shrunk to 22nm sporting a whole new graphics circuit. There’s more than the graphics that have been freshened up since it looks like the processor also brings improvements. bigpao007 from chiphell has acquired an engineering sample of Core i7-3770K and a Z77 motherboard where he ran several test on the new processor. Intel Core i7-3770K comes with four cores and Hyperthreading, operating at 3,5 GHz that can do 3.9 GHz in Turbo mode.


With a single thread in Cinebench we see big jump from both 2600K and 3960X, which does point to that Ivy Bridge has something more to offer, most likely a very efficient Turbo.


In the multithreaded test the advantage is not as clear, but there is certainly a good margin. The processor also boasts a TDP rating of only 77W. This makes it an extremely efficient processor compared to older models – but not the least to what AMD has to offer at the same speeds. It will be tough for AMD to compete.


We have also allocated a test in 3Dmark06 where it has tested the performance of the integrated HD 4000 graphics circuit, which is the big news with Ivy Bridge. With a final score of 6841 points it lands just below AMD A8-3850 that has the most powerful integrated graphics circuit of today. Consdering 3DMark06 is very CPU-dependent it is likely Ivy Bridge will land between A6-3650 and A8-3850 in graphics performance. Overall it looks like Ivy Bridge will be anything but a disappointment when it comes around in April next year, especially since this GPU will also be found in notebooks.

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