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KillerNIC is something as divine as a network card developed specifically for gamers with the utmost demands for networking performance. The fact that serious online gamers wants to be able to operate in a completely lag-free environment is probably not such as bad idea for a company to base its operation on, but considering today’s motherboard chipsets where both one and two gigabit network interfaces are integrated it might be a bit optimistic and risky. The company behind KillerNIC is called Bigfoot Networks and was founded by Harlan Beverly, a network architect which according to the company got tired of lag when playing online. The network card it has now launched is called KillerNIC and is suppose to put the gaming experience first.

The network card uses a 32-bit processor running at 400MHz and is also equiped with 64MB of memory. This will make it possible for KillerNIC to offer lower Ping than regular network cards and the integrated processor minimizes the system processor’s load, which can simply lead to a higher FPS. Overall the network card will be optimized for online gaming and the question is how much of a difference there really is compared to a regular NIC, Bigfoot Network at least seems to believe in its KillerNIC, which will be launched in the middle of August, price is not yet set.

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