LG has made progress on the TV and monitor market and not the least in Europe its affordable TVs have gained broad support. The company has decided to increase its investment in the next generation display technology OLED. It is planning to launch a 55″ OLED-TV next year and increase the OLED investment to 2.83 billion dollar in 2014.

OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode has been in the news for years and LG is one of the companies that have invested the most in the new technology that most are considering the next generation display technology.

OLED have many advantages over the current LCD and Plasma technologies with progress in color reproduction, contrast and they can be made extremely thin while consuming very little power. A version is already being used by Samsung for smartphones and we have praised AMOLED in our tests. With new and more mature OLED technology we can see further progress also with larger monitors and TVs.

LG earlier showed a 31″ OLED-TV with 2.9mm profile, but next year it is planning to launch a substantially larger version at 55″ for retail. The price will of course be high, the 31″ model namely costs 6,000€.

LG’s 2.9mm thin 31″ OLED-TV

To take the next step toward a larger retail presence LG has plans to increase its investment in OLED technology. During the second half of 2014 it expects to spend 2.83 billion dollar on OLED technology, but the investment hangs a bit on how the 55″ model is received next year where the goal is 30,000 sold units per month.

If the first phase goes well LG has plans to expand its offering with more models, first of all a 40″ version. Panel maker AU Optronics have earlier preducted that OLED will not be economically feasible in retail until 2014, so we will probably have to wait a bit before the technology lands on our desks or in our living rooms.

Source: Electronista

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