MSI will as most of the graphics card producers worth the name launch a model of their own of NVIDIA’s mid-end card GeForce GTX 460. Now comes the information that the producer aims for an overclocked version from day one, MSI N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC.

The graphics card is being shipped with NVIDIA’s GF104 GPU that with 336 CUDA processors and a 192-bit memory interface will be the base model in the program. Earlier statements have revealed that GeForce GTX 460 comes with a GPU-clock frequency on 675 MHz, something that MSI will trump with Cyclone.

MSI have pushed the GPU-clock frequency to 725 MHz whilst the CUDA processors work at 1 350 MHz. Other wise the graphics card comes with the same armament as the reference card, that is 768MB GDDR5-memory, twin DVI-output and a mini-HDMI output. But MSI has also taken the time to equip the card with a so called Cyclone cooler that has earlier been used in the producers graphics cards.


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