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Component maker Mushkin continues to broaden its product assortment and like many other memory companies Mushkin has launched some new power supplies, two series in fact. Volta is the entry level series with two models at 500W and 600W capacity. The Volta series supports both NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire where the graphics cards get their juice from a single 12V rail.

Joule is the more extreme of the two with 1000W and 1200W spread across six 12V channels and six SATA power connectors, just like the Volta series.

  • Volta 500W Power Supply – $79.99
  • Volta 600W Power Supply – $89.99
  • Joule 1kW Power Supply – $224.99
  • Joule 1.2kW Power Supply – $249.99

The power supplies comes with a temperature controlled 120mm fan with color LEDs, where the users picks the color. The noise will be minimal and the power supply achieves up to 85% efficiency.

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