Notebooks aren’t just complements to desktops nowadays. With better performance and functions they have even replaced desktops as the primary computer in many homes, which is very clearly reflected in the growing market shares. In 2014 52% of all computers are expected to be notebooks.

In-stat have come up with the number and says that this includes all kinds of computers, desktops, smartbooks, tablets, netbooks and regular notebooks. In 2014 a whopping 291 million notebooks will be shipping and counting all portable computers the number will be over 400 million units.

“While there will be a battle for the lower-end Internet-centric devices like tablets and netbooks, notebooks will continue to be the overall demand driver as consumers focus on lighter and lower-cost PCs and businesses continue to transition to mainstream and high-performance mobile platforms” said Jim McGregor, In-Stat

The sales of mobile units is expected increase annually by a factor of 19.1 percent throughout 2014, while tablets will grow the most with 123.6% under the same period.

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