Physics in games have become all the more important and Nvidia is one of the companies working to improve on this through its proprietary Physx technology. The latest force of nature to get a dose of Physx is water; something Nvidia has demonstrated in a new video.

The motion of water has been hard to replicate realistically for game developers and even we have seen relatively good looking water textures with transparency it is rare to see anything that looks even remotely like water when in motion. The new advancements in Physx allows Nvidia to improve on this and the new demo video shows what we can expect from future games, and we like what we see.

The positive about this water demo is that it runs in real-time on a relatively old Geforce GTX 580 and shows how water and liquid reacts when it bumps into different objects. Both the motions of the water and foam is rendered realistically.

Below you will find a number of videos that shows Nvidia’s work with “Position Based Fluids”, which is what they call the technology.

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