Nvidia will soon roll out a new graphics card series for the performance and premium segments. Geforce GTX 700 series is mostly a new name for the current GTX 600 series since all of these are based on the current Kepler chips.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 will be the new top model of Nvidia’s premium segment and fill the gap behind Geforce GTX Titan. Not surprisingly this is done by cutting Cuda cores from the GF110 circuit and the model will in many ways be a cut-down version of GTX Titan. The memory bus has been reduced to 256-bit and GTX 780 will replace the current GTX 680. It is unclear how many Cuda cores it will have and what frequencies it will ship with from factory, but the performance should be somewhere in between GTX 680 and GTX Titan.

Nvidia partners have been given the “OK” to equip GTX 780 with custom cooling, but the reference card will have a cooler similar to the one found on GTX Titan. A very efficient model for being a reference cooler.

Below the new top model Nvidia places Geforce GTX 770, which will in turn replace GTX 670. This is more or less a direct copy of Geforce GTX 680. The card uses a GK104 GPU connected to a 256-bit memory bus and performance should be on the same level as GTX 680.

Nvidia will extend the series further downward through Geforce GTX 760 Ti to replace GTX 660 Ti. Once again it looks like a previous card under a new branding, in this case GTX 670. The new card will sport the same GK104 GPU with 256-bit bus and similar performance as the current GTX 670 model.

While waiting for new GPU architectures

It seems Nvidia will raise the performance level one notch with each card. We are of course hoping for new functionality, but with the new architecture Maxwell postponed till 2014 we can only play along and try to be comfortable with the situation. AMD is expected to update its product lineup in the second half of 2013, but this will most likely just bring minor changes in the base architecture.

As usual this is not confirmed by Nvidia and should be considered with a pinch of salt, but Fudzilla says the new GTX 700 series may launch as soon as within the coming weeks.

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11 Årtal sedan

This is logically how it works now. Nvidia has the brilliant idea of new architecture then refresh, new architecture then refresh. GTX 6xx was a new architecture, so the GTX 7xx is logically the refresh. It should have better energy usage and jump in performance like the Fermi refresh (GTX 5xx) was for Fermi.