We have already learned many interesting details for the coming Nvidia GTX 700 series and now it turns out the cards are not only similar on paper, but also physically. The story is told in pictures of the two new top models Geforce GTX 780 and GTX 770.

The pictures were published at Chinese hardware forum Chiphell and show two Nvidia graphics card that are marked GTX 780 and GTX 770. The graphics cooler are similar to the one used by Geforce GTX Titan and Geforce GTX 690, as rumors have had us believe. Even if almost exclusively prefer graphics card with third-party coolers these coolers are some of the most efficient reference coolers we have ever encountered and make a good base for Nvidia to build on for the future.


The graphics cards will according to the source use two different graphics circuits. Top model Geforce GTX 780 will have a reduced version of Nvidia’s GK110 GPU, the same chip used by GTX Titan. Nvidia will cut the number of Cuda cores to an unknown number. Whether GTX 780 will get a 384-bit or 256-bit bus though, but to match the 3GB memory buffer it should be 384-bit. This is half of what is offered with GTX Titan. Performance is expected to land somewhere between GTX 680 and GTX Titan.


Geforce GTX 770 on the other hand is a copy of Geforce GTX 680. Nvidia has used the same GK104 GPU connected to a 256-bit memory bus and 2 or 4 GB GDDR5 memory. Performance will be similar to current GTX 680 cards.

Nvidia is expected to launch the new models by the end of May where the top model Geforce GTX 780 should be first to market. The price is not yet known, but you can count on a high price for the card that goes in between GTX 680 and GTX Titan.

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