OCZ Vertex 2 is one of the fastest SSDs on the market and the company has now launched a new model in the 1.8″ format that also fits in netbooks and tablets. OCZ has also shrunk the budget oriented Onyx series to 1.8″.

Vertex 2 1.8″ sports a SandForce SF-1200 SSD controller and MLC NAND, like bigger brother. Thanks to the solid state technology performance isn’t affected by the smaller format and the minimalistic SSD boosts read and write speeds at 285 MB/s and 275 MB/s respectively. Storage capacity goes from 60GB up to 240GB and SATA 3.0 Gbps makes them compatible with most systems.

“We are now introducing two new drives that are designed to cater to the entire range of mobile applications including the Vertex2 1.8” which delivers the same performance as our popular 2.5” version in a smaller form factor for customers looking to achieve maximum performance on the go, and the new Onyx 1.8” which is designed for consumers looking for a quality SSD that is aggressively priced and is ideal for Netbooks.”

Onyx will appear with two different capacities, 32GB and 64GB. In a 1.8″ format with an Indilinx Amigos controller and 64MB cache it offers read speeds at 135 MB/s and 145 MB/s respectively, and write speeds of 120 MB/s and 70 MB/s (32GB vs. 64GB). Onyx 1.8″ series supports TRIM and use the same SATA 3.0 Gbps interface as Vertex 2.



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