Plextor is the next storage maker to jump on the coming Marvell SATA 6.0 Gbps SSD controller. The Plextor M2S series will use Marvell’s 88SS9174 controller that has a big DDR3 memory cache of 128MB, MLC NAND Flash and SATA 6.0 Gbps interface for read speeds up to 480 MB/s.

Plextor M2S will just like other Marvell units have a cruved performance scaling depending no how much storage there is and the 256GB model reaches 480 MB/s read speed and  330 MB/s write speed. If you choose to drop to 128GB the speeds drops accordingly to 420/210 MB/s and the 64GB model drops even more down to 370/110 MB/s at read/write of data.

Plextor M2S comes in a 2.5″ format, supports TRIM and is covered by three year warranty. we have no price for Plextor’s new SSD series but we count on them being reasonable since many companies are expected to use Marvell’s SSD controller in 2011.


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