PowerColor is one of the most ingenious partners AMD has and while AMD and NVIDIA are waiting for TSMC to complete its 28nm process PowerColor is preparing a new graphics card sporting dual Barts GPUs, commonly found on HD 6790, 6850 and 6870.

The new graphics card will house two Barts XT chips with 1120 stream processors, where each GPU comes with 1 GB GDDR5 on a 256-bit bus. The circuit board like most cards with dual GPUs from AMD looks to be connected with a PCI-Express bridge from PLX. Both GPUs comes with its own VRM department for power, fed through two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors.


Currently HD6870 costs around 170€ and with two of these beating GTX580 and HD 6970 in benchmarks this could be an attractive alternative from PowerColor if they can get everything come together, most of all the price. The most interesting is of course how it performs in relation to EVGA GTX 460 2Win and similar cards.

When the card will arrive we don’t know, same goes for the price, but there is talk about PowerColor showing the card at Computex in June.

Source: TechPowerUp!

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