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Rambus has tons of heavy patents for the memory market and now that it has teamed up with major player Kingston it has designed an exciting DDR3 prototype. The two have come up with a multi-threaded memory module optimized for multi-core computers. The modules use DDR3 memory circuits but the optimizations make them up to 50 percent faster than regular DDR3 modules.

The performance improvements aside, the two claims to have lowered power consumption by up to 20 percent, since the memory circuits doesn’t have to be activated as often as with a regular memory module.

“Our innovative module threading technology employs parallelism to deliver the higher memory bandwidth needed for multi-core systems while reducing overall power consumption.”

Rambus will reveal more on the coming modules next week. Whether the multi-threaded modules are compatible with current DDR3 platforms we don’t know, but both Rambus and Kingston have set the sight on the broad PC market, not just servers and workstations.

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