Scythe has now launched a new model in the Ninja series of processor coolers. Scythe Ninja 3 comes with a kind of tower design, like it’s predecessors, but with a improved heat reduction under passive cooling and an effective fin design, the cooler can handle even heavier tasks.

Scythe has embedded no less than eight U-shaped copper heat pipes in the cooler and heat emissions should be 7% higher than the predecessor. With it’s M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow Pass-through Structure) design Ninja 3 will also be effective under active cooling.


The cooler is being shipped with a 120mm PWM-controlled Slip Stream fan that can be mounted on all four sides of the cooler, depending on the system you install it in.

With a new mounting technique by the name of F.M.S.B. 2 (Super Flip Mount Back-Plate 2) the cooler supports both Intel’s and AMD’s latest processor platforms.

Scythe Ninja 3 measures 120 x 120 x 160 mm and weighs 1040 grams(2,3 lbs), the price tag will come down just under $65.


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