OCZ Technology isn’t shy when it comes its Solid State Drives. The company has dared to venture into most market segments and during CES it will present Solid State products of all shapes and sizes. First of all it has officially announced the Vertex 2 series, which is the first creation spawning from the work with SSD processor maker SandForce. OCZ Vertex 2 Pro impressed us in early previews and we look forward to seeing more of the whole series.

USB 3.0 is of course on the menu where OCZ has launched a whole series of external SSDs using the new interface. OCZ USB 3.0 SSD will be an extremely fast external storage solution, alas they are only for external use since we can’t find a SATA connector on any of the drives.

USB 3.0 for some really fast external storage

Businesses will get there share too and OCZ has presented new solution using both PCI-E and SAS interfaces. MLC technology is used together broad data paths for putting performance first.

Hotswap with OCZ SAS SSD

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