Small preview imageFor the fourth year in a row it is time for the Swedish Championship in performance here at NordicHardware. Just as all previous years the prizes are worth more than the previous and SMPC 2005 we can proudly present prizes worth over $7500. The interest in overclocking has been growing for each year and this is reflected well in the participation each year. We’ve done some changes since last year, updated from 3DMark 01 to 3DMark 05 as requested and hope that the evaluation afterwards will be positive.

As usual the two categories are 3DMark and percentual overlocking and considering the nice results we’ve seen recently with Marcus “Kinc” Hultin leading them, we’re expecting some really nice results.

We hope for some good participations and waiting to announce the third category within a week, we might have some other surprises planned.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the participants and we can already report about two impressive submissions: Marcus “Kinc” Hultin has submitted a score of 17535 in 3Dmark and Robin “smolk” Feng has overlocked his Pentium 4 (E0) 2.4 Ghz to impressive 4402.6 GHz, an 83% overclock. 

We’re confident that both of these scores will be beaten, or perhaps improved by the two, and that this year’s championship will be the greatest we’ve ever had.

//NordicHardware Crew

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