Viewsonic VX2739wm sports a 27″ LCD panel with 1920×1080 pixel resolution, which may seem a bit clumsy at first. Viewsonic has rally tried to make it slim though, and the 1ms TN panel should be fast enough for the avid gamers. This is actually the first 1080p panel of this size to do so. At 1ms response time there should be no ghosting effects, but we all know it takes more than response times to make gamers happy.

Viewsonic specifies the contrast ratio to 1,200:1 (100,000:1 dynamic) and 300 cd/m2 brightness. It sports a broad variety of inputs, such as HDMI 1.3, DVI, D-Sub and four USB ports on the back.


Viewsonic is expected to get the new 27″ monitor to stores by the end of May and it should cost around 350€.


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