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Speed up your gaming world with ultimate cooling performance

VERTEX3D, a new expected brand of AMD graphics card, today announced the partnership with leading cooling solution provider, ARCTIC COOLING, ready to bring a premium cooling solution of HD4870 series, provides a perfect combination of ultimate gaming performance and the coolest operating environment. 

VTX3D HD4870 clocks in with a 770MHz core speed and 900MHz of memory speed that provides a superior gaming performance. In addition, VTX3D HD4870 is equipped with ARCTIC COOLING Accelero TWIN TURBO Pro cooling solution, with dual 92mm fans to increase air flow at low fan speed and 4 heatpipes to reinforce its cooling performance. VTX3D HD4870 cooling solution offers a surprisingly quiet operation for gamers to immerse themselves in the gaming world.

“Our goal was to provide a superior performance with faster and cooler environment,” said Willie Huang, Sales Director of VTX3D, “With the partnership of the leading cooling solution provider, ARCTIC COOLING, I believe we can easily achieve that!”

VTX3D HD4870 is compatible with Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1, PCI Express® 2.0, on-chip HDCP, built-in HDMI with 7.1 surround audio, and also supports Shader Model 4.1, Universal Video Decode 2, and ATI CrossFireX™ technology, ready to tackle all the intense 3D games.

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