Windows XP has been a faithful servant like no other to Microsoft. It has made two major operating system launches since Windows XP launched 10 years ago, but it is not until now that the operating system is blow 50% market shares. The latest Windows 7 is finally starting to eat up the shares from Windows XP.

There are still millions of computers around the world that are not ready to be upgraded to Microsoft’s newer operating systems and the install base of Windows XP will continue to shrink at a slow pace. That Microsoft, who has 87.57% of all connected products, still rely to a large portion on a 10 year old system is pretty interesting.

According to Net Applications that summarized the data, by monitoring the operating system of computers browsing websites, Windows XP now has 49.69% of the total user base in July.

winxpThe shares of the operating system market July 2011.

On a solid second place we find Windows 7 with 27.92% and third we have the not-so-proud Windows Vista with 9.27%. When Microsoft have had there shares it is time for Apple to step forth with Mac OS X 10.6 with 3.76%. Also Apple iPhone and iPad are in the top over unique operating systems. Android with a much broader fragmentation is found at 0.76%.

How long it will take for Windows 7 to get past Windows XP remains to be seen. Noteworth is that Windows 8 should arrive early next year. An operating system with both x86 and ARM supports.

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