BenQ has announced a new monitor for gamers and the company claims RL2240H is the first developed specifically for RTS games. BenQ cooperated with game accessory manufacturer ZOWIE and StarCraft team StarTale during the development.

BenQ RL2240H is a relatively small monitor with a diagonal size of 21.5″. The monitor sports full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080 pixels and builds on a classic TN panel. Other specifications includea dynamic contrast at 12,000,000:1 and inputs for D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.

The market first RTS monitor has been optimized for games, not the least StarCraft, where it has been assisted by world famous gamers from the StarCraft II team StarTale. One of the functions it has developed specifically for this monitor is Black eQualizer;

The Black eQualizer allows gamers to adjust the screen brightness without over-exposing white levels, enabling them to screen critical combat details speedily with added gameplay comfort. BenQ also worked with the STARTALE players to develop the RTS Mode, a preset mode with tailored monitor calibrations for RTS gaming. To offer even more convenience and ease to gamers, the RTS Mode is set as the out-of-box setting.

Other functions mentioned is the possibility to change the image size and ratio, which simply shrinks everything with black frames depending on the size. The response time is 2ms GTG and the monitor has an unorthodox white design, which was a recommendation by StarTale-spelaren July. For high-resolution monitors that work for a variety of tasks, BenQ gaming monitors are affordable and dazzling


Unlike the older game monitor XL2410T, BenQ now targets the budgte segment. The lesser BenQ RL2240H costs around 140€ and can be found in stores today.

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