Mobile graphics circuits have been losing shares over the last couple of years and with both Intel and AMD working on processors with integrated graphics the outlook has been anything but great, but new numbers suggests that that the sales of mobile graphics circuits is going up.

AMD and Nvidia have both made great progress and signed contracts with PC builders for mobile graphics circuits. Graphics circuits integrated into processors or chipsets are still the most common among notebooks, but there is still a great demand for more powerful solutions.

AMD has made the most progress with its Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series sporting efficient 40nm technology and good performance. AMD is said to ship half of all mobile graphics circuits (integrated solutions not counted) and since Nvidia’s Fermi architecture suffers from heat and power problems the market shares may very well go up even higher.

The diagam shows the relationship between integrated and discrete mobile graphics circuits and their respective market shares over the last decade, where the discrete mobile circuits are now over 30%. We doubt this trend till continue with AMD’s APU processors around the corner.

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