Freecom gets into the fresh Thunderbolt market and launches a new extenral high-speed harddrive with tiny measurements. Freecom Mobile Drive Mg is only 15mm high and the magnesium case houses a 1TB harddrive and a Thunderbolt interface.

Freecom Mobile Drive Mg is according to Freecom the world’s smallest Thunderbolt harddrive and with a single 2.5″ harddrive there is not much to steal space. The external harddrive is enclosed in a magnesium cover and measures 129 x 81 x 15 mm. The harddrive is designed to match Apple’s stylish Mac computer and thus it feels natural for the Mg series to support the new Thunderbolt interface.


Freecom says nothing about the data speeds with the Thunderbolt interface, but with USB 3.0 it can do up to 130 MB/s, which is a hint of what it can do with Thunderbolt. The harddrive will be formated with HFS+ and compatible with Time Machine. Freecom will start selling the Thunderbolt version of Mobile Drive Mg in July at the Apple Store and its own website.

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