PowerColor LCS HD7970 looks to be one of the more brutal Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards so far. PowerColor has launched the first water-cooled HD7970 card and has tweaked it to 1050 MHz GPU.

PowerColor LCS HD7970 uses a full cover water block from EK with a nickel coated copper base that not only covers the GPU but also the other heat emitting components. PowerColor claims the card will keep GPU temperatures at only 50°C during full load, which is quite good since PowerColor has raised the frequency from 925 MHz to 1050 MHz. Also the 3 GB graphics memory has been tuned from 1375 MHz to 1425 MHz, which results in an effective clock at 5700 MHz.


The card sports dual mini-DisplayPort outputs, one HDMI output and one DVI output. With its water block PowerColor LCS HD7970 only needs one expansion slot. As expected the price is as impressive as the specifications, 640€.

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