By the end of the week NVIDIA is expected to release the GeForce Fermi architecture that is intended to go up against AMD and its already common Evergreen family. AMD launched the Cypress GPU and Radeon HD 5870 back in September last year and now that NVIDIA is gearing up for the GeForce GTX 400 series AMD is preparing a counter attack.

Even if we already have NVIDIA’s new graphics card we are bound by the media embargo up until Friday night when we can tell you everything we know. Today we can reveal that AMD has chosen to counter NVIDIA’s new graphics card with an overclocked version of Radeon HD 5870. In other words, no HD 5890 or such but just an overclocked HD 5870.

AMD says that its Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, with GPU clocked between 875-900MHz, will be enough to keep even pace with NVIDIA. The memory clocked will be increased slightly from 4800MHz to 5000MHz.

Considering Radeon HD 5870 launched six months ago with 850MHz GPU clock frequency is pretty remarkable, especially since 900MHz is far from everything the Cypress GPU has to give.

Whether AMD’s overclocked Radeon HD 5870 card will be able to stand up to NVIDIA’s new flagship remains to be seen, but AMD doesn’t seem that worried about NVIDIA’s first GeForce Fermi card.


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