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Gigabyte is preparing for a new enthusiast series of graphics cards where the
new flagship will be called HD 5870 Super Overclock. We have gotten our hands on
some more details on the card that was revealed at CES. We found out that the
card will operate at 1GHz GPU and 5200MHz memory frequency. We now have some
more information on Gigabyte’s new graphics card series that reveals a whole lot
of tasty details on the company’s sorting of GPUs and other enthusiast

Gigabyte markets HD 5870 Super Overclock as a premium graphics card for serious gamers and overclockers. To achieve the really impressive clock frequencies the company had to rework the AMD reference design. Among others, the sorting of GPU circuits, where only the best are selected. Gigabyte calls the process GPU Gauntlet Sorting and together with high quality capacitors, ferrite core chokes and an extra layer of copper in the circuit board should make it even better choice for overclockers.

Gigabyte have designed the card with easy access to measuring points for the GPU and memory voltages, which is very handy for the extreme overclockers. Those who would rather read these things in Windows can use the overclocking software called Digital Tweaking that control everything from clock frequencies to voltages and fan speeds.

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The final specifications haven’t been set yet and the launch is slated for middle or end of February. We really look forward to presenting HD 5870 Super Overclock to an LN2 pot and some liquid nitrogen.

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